Friday, December 4, 2009

Looks like it's all over for Joe...

Oh what could have been for the great man if only fate would have dealt him a better hand. Perhaps his timing was unfortunate. There must be some excuse for this brilliant man suffering such an ignominious ending.

What happened? Well the beloved Gersh Investment Partners Pty Ltd, a company that will go down in corporate history with the greats, is now just ACN 092 586 957, after filing a change of company name in November. It's over. The great man's website is defunct and we wonder if he is the guy in the hood sitting on the corner of Collins & Spring Street with the little piece of brown cardboard.

This blog will live on, keeping track of the great man as he no doubt reincarnates into the next big thing, with other people's money of course!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Has the Credit Crunch eaten Joe?

What no new projects to speak of for JG?

Why keep a low profile when you're so darn successful, that's right enforced modesty.

Hopefully Joe's property syndicate investors like to see their hard earn being developed into returns, for Joe. Joe will bring home the dough for sure, won't he?

There is certainly no comparision to Bernie Maddoff, there are many differences.

Come on Joe, throw us a bone, what are you up to?